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Dr. Mark Wolfmeyer

Biography: Dr. Mark Wolfmeyer is the president of the Eastern Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics (EPCTM).  He taught mathematics in secondary public schools for 10 years on both the east and west coasts. He received his PhD in Urban Education from the Graduate Center, CUNY where he concentrated in math education and policy studies. Currently Assistant Professor at Kutztown University, he teaches future secondary mathematics teachers and courses in educational foundations. He has published in national and international journals and regularly gives paper presentations at conferences such as the International Group for the Psychology of Math Education, American Educational Research Association, and American Educational Studies Association. 



• B.A. Pomona College: Math/Music

• M.A. Claremont Graduate University: Math Education

• Ph.D. City University of New York: Urban Education


Selected Publications:

Chesky, N. Z., & Wolfmeyer, M. R. (2015). Philosophy of STEM

      Education: A Critical Investigation. New York, NY. Palgrave


Wolfmeyer, M. R. (2017). Mathematics Education: A Critical

      Introduction. New York, NY. Routledge.

Wolfmeyer, M. R. (2014). Math Education for America? Policy

      Networks, Big Business, and Pedagogy Wars. New York, NY.




• American Educational Research Association (AERA)

• American Educational Studies Association (AESA)

• Eastern Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics (EPCTM)

• National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

• Pennsylvania Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (PAMTE)


Dr. Wolfmeyer's Education Videos:
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Dr. Mark Wolfmeyer

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Phone: 610-683-4763


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