Secondary Education Student Profiles and Testimonials

Read testimonials about the campus, classes, and experiences of some of our Undergraduate and Graduate Secondary Education Students.

Balance is the name of the game. Whether you’re teaching math or calculating what it takes to be an All-American Scholar-Athlete, to Casey, practice makes perfect.

You never know what’s beneath the surface.
It’s Good to be Golden.

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For Nicole, being in nature provides the perfect classroom to grow her love for teaching Biology. Outdoorsiness isn’t just for recreation. Whether on the slopes, in the karate studio, or on campus, she draws on her natural environments to make learning fun.

You never know what’s beneath the surface.
Grow into your best self.

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For Lauren, she’s an open book and is thrilled to tell her story of travels and her time at KU in both English and German. As a future language teacher, she had the opportunity to first travel the world before she looks to change the world through education.

You never know what’s beneath the surface.

Let your experiences help you grow into your best self.

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For CJ, hard work meets strong character in the form of running then coaching track and field and teaching English and Special Ed. Go the distance, blend your passion and teaching to discover your strengths and your voice. At your best, there’s no limit to what you can do.

You never know what’s beneath the surface.

Here, you roar.

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