Academic Advising

What do Advisors do?

Every student is assigned to at least one faculty member for each academic program (major, minor) they are registered in. Secondary Education majors have two advisors: one advisor from the Secondary Education department and one advisor from the department of your certification area (Biology, English, Spanish, etc.). Your advisors will help you to stay on track with the requirements for your program and teacher certification. They can also help connect you to support services and campus organizations, as well as give professional career advice. 

Please note that Secondary Ed/Special Ed dual certificate students are assigned a Special Education advisor, starting Spring 2021.

Who are My Advisors?

To find out who your advisors are, log into MyKU and check the "Current Instructors & Advisors" tile.

What is Academic Advisement?

A formal advisement period takes place every Fall and Spring semester university-wide. Secondary Education students must meet with both advisors before they can enroll in courses! Advisors will reach out to their advisees to schedule meetings prior to the advisement period. You may be asked to schedule the meeting through MyKU or an alternative. Be sure to look out for these communications and plan accordingly.

How Do I Schedule Advisement Meetings?

 Log into MyKU and find the "Current Instructors & Advisors" tile. Click on the "Faculty Profile" card next to the advisor's name and then click the green "Make Advising Appointment" on their profile page. 

How Do I Prepare for Academic Advisement?

Before your advisement meeting, please be sure to do the following:

  1. Read any advisement emails sent by the department office and your advisors
  2. Print out/have a copy of your checksheet with you
  3. Review the General Education course list
  4. Review the schedule of classes on MyKU
  5. Prepare a tentative schedule for the next semester
    • Use the 8-semester plans included on Sec Ed’s checksheets as examples of the most efficient way to schedule classes for each program


If you have any questions, reach out to your advisors or the Secondary Education office!