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What is TaskStream?

TaskStream is Secondary Education's online service for students to use in creating required electronic portfolios, lesson plans, units, rubrics and webpages. Students in Secondary Education's undergraduate programs and Masters of Education with a Specialization in Teaching program are required to maintain a paid-up active subscription to TaskStream throughout their academic careers in Secondary Education.

How to find TaskStream:

TaskStream can be found at the following URL:

What can be done with TaskStream:

You can submit your background checks and clearances.

You can enter Education Exploration  (40 hours of observation).

You can create an electronic portfolio.

You can create lesson plans.

You can create instructional units.

You can create rubrics.

You can email lesson plans and portfolios to instructors.

You can set up a personal calendar.

You can create a resource folio to store your documents online.

How to subscribe to TaskStream:

Students are introduced to TaskStream while taking EDU 100 Perspectives on American Education, which is the first course taken within Secondary Education. At the end of this course, if the student chooses a major other than education, they will not be required to maintain an active subscription to TaskStream. Students who choose education as their major will be required to upload all current background checks and clearances onto TaskStream and purchase a subscription for the duration of their academic career until they graduate.

To enroll, the student will complete an online enrollment form and pay by credit or debit card on TaskStream. When setting up your TaskStream site, you will be required to create a username and password that will enable you to access the site. Check the links below for detailed instructions on how to subscribe.

TaskStream Subscription Instructions and Opportunities

Submitting Background Checks and Clearances on TaskStream

What to do when your TaskStream subscription expires:

When your TaskStream subscription expires, you may go online to and renew your subscription with a debit or credit card. When renewing your subscription, be sure to use the same username and password so that all of your previously uploaded documents can be viewed.

What to do if you forget your username or password:

In the event that you forget your username and password, call TaskStream at 1-800-311-5656 and ask for Mentoring Services and they will assist you.

How to find your portfolio on TaskStream:

All students enrolled in classes in Secondary Education will have a portfolio template assigned to their TaskStream site. To find your portfolio, select "Web Folio Builder" and you should be able to view it under Direct Response Folios.

If you do not find one of the above portfolio templates in your TaskStream site, call 610-683-4259 for assistance.