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Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs within our Secondary Education program help students to strengthen their knowledge of the teaching profession, as well as their specific subject of choice.

General Education classes are taken by all students.

Academic Specialization classes are also taken, which allow for the students to closely study their subject area with our dedicated faculty members.  Added into this list is the new dual certification in Special Education, in conjunction with the Special Education Department. 

Secondary Education students will also complete field experiences and Education Exploration, which is made possible by the Professional Education component in our requirements.  All students must apply for Candidacy by the time they reach 48 credits.  Candidacy is required for all higher-level Education classes.  Clearances need to be submitted on TaskStream when admitted to an education program and renewed before student teaching.  These clearances are required for all field and clinical experiences. 

It is our goal that our undergraduate secondary education students are fully prepared to manage their own classrooms effectively, and our program makes this possible for each and every future educator.