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Academic Specialization

Academic Specializations

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Within this area of study, laboratory and field investigations combine to provide the KU student with a rich understanding of Biology from molecules to organisms and further beyond. They experience teacher preparation courses in addition.


The Boehm Science Center's new third floor wing is home to the many chemistry classes that Secondary Education students will take in addition to their education courses to prepare for teaching.


Earth and Space Science
A variety of interesting and in-depth instruments and concepts are presented to students who plan to teach Earth and Space Science in the future. Our Grim Science building features a state-of-the-art planetarium where students might study in conjunction with this major.


Teaching English requires a deep knowledge in many areas such as writing, literature, and analysis. Secondary Education students with a specialization in English will graduate from the program with a rich understanding of these and many other topics.


General Science
General Science courses that are taken in conjunction with education courses allow for students to experience a variety of science courses on deep levels. Boehm's lab facilities and classrooms are frequented by Secondary Ed-General Science majors as they learn about the complexities of biology, geology, and more.


Secondary Education students who want to teach in mathematics know that there are many important aspects ranging from theory to application that make up this interesting field of study. Students take specialized mathematics courses in addition to their education classes.


Mathematics & Physics - Dual Certification
With a dual certification, students are able to experience both math and physics courses in addition to their teaching courses in order to prepare for becoming instructors in these subjects. Taking part in a dual certification program makes a student more marketable to future school districts.


In addition to studying in-depth lab courses in physics, students studying to become physics teachers will have many unique opportunities relating to this science. For example, our physics club serves as our chapter of the Society of Physics Students, which is a national organization. The club hosts many events, such as sponsoring light shows in KU's planetarium.


Foreign Language - German*
Students studying to teach German have access to the PA German Heritage Center, located on our campus. Additionally, students have the opportunity to study another language, making themselves more marketable and giving them the opportunity to partake in many unique opportunities such as studying abroad, if desired.

*For additional licensure requirements, click here. 


Foreign Language - Spanish*
Studying Spanish Education at Kutztown allows students to study Spanish backgrounds, composition of the language, and many other important details that help students expand their knowledge of Spanish. The OLA (Organization for Latino Awareness) and Sigma Delta Pi Honor Society also give students the opportunity to accompany their Spanish studies.

*For additional licensure requirements, click here.


Social Studies
Those who study Secondary Education with a concentration in social studies know that there are many important worldly occurrences in the past, present, and future that must be explored. Students do so by taking specialized courses in social studies in addition to their education classes.