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Professional Education

Professional Education: 42-45 semester hours
-View credit requirement for specific programs-

The following courses comprise the education instruction in the Secondary Education curriculum. 

Education Curriculum

  • EDU 100 - Perspectives on American Education - 3 hrs.
  • SPU 201 - Introduction to Special Education - 3 hrs.
  • SPU 314 - Effective Instructional Strategies - 3 hrs.
  • *SEU 312/313 - Principles of Learning/Clinical - 6 hrs.
  • *SEU 342/343 - Principles of Teaching/Clinical - 6 hrs.
  • *SEU 321-325, 410 - Methods of Teaching - 3 hrs.
  • +EDU 411 - Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages to Early Second Language Learners - 3 hrs.
  • EDU 326 - Introduction to Middle Level Education (elective in some programs) - 3 hrs.
  • ITC 321 - Instructional Technology in Education - 3 hrs.
  • SEU 390/391 - Clinical Experience/Practicum - 12 hrs.
  • Clinical Field Experience & Practicum
    Secondary Education teacher candidates will have the opportunity to participate in two clinical field experience and practicums as their capstone experiences. Each experience will be for an eight week period. Teacher candidates will be appropriately placed for these experiences according to their major areas of certification. Most teacher candidates will be placed at the middle level and the high school level to better prepare them for the job market. If possible, rural, urban, and suburban placements are used to give teacher candidates diversity in their preservice experience. Modern language teacher candidates will be certified for K-12 and will receive additional training in learning to teach a modern language to early level language learners. Clinical field experience and practicum opportunities in England are also available.

*In the Secondary Education program, field experiences increase in complexity and intensity as the student moves from pre-candidacy to candidacy.  Field hours are embedded in courses to allow for guided exploration, reflection and discussion.  The Secondary Education model utilizes school partnerships so that teaching candidates have an opportunity to work in diverse school settings and grades.

+Foreign languages certification only