Watermark / Taskstream

What is Watermark?

Watermark is an online service for students to create required electronic portfolios, lesson plans, units, rubrics, and web pages. You may also hear this program referred to as 'Taskstream'. Students in Secondary Education's undergraduate programs and M.Ed Teaching program are required to maintain an active subscription to Watermark throughout their academic careers in Secondary Education.

How to find Watermark:

Click through here to find the Watermark website.

What can be done with Watermark:

  • Submit your background checks and clearances
  • Education Exploration  (40 hours of observation)
  • Create an electronic portfolio
  • Create lesson plans
  • Create instructional units
  • Create rubrics
  • Email lesson plans and portfolios to instructors
  • Set up a personal calendar
  • Create a resource folio to store your documents online

Need help with your Watermark account or need to get one?

KU's Watermark Support Team is located in Beekey 129. They can help with any issues you might have with the service (including username/password loss) or if you need to obtain an account. 

For help with membership email watermarkmembership@kutztown.edu or call 610-683-4356.

For help with other issues email watermarkhelp@kutztown.edu or call 610-683-4356.

Additional Information Packets:

Education Exploration packet

How to Make a Unit Plan

How to Build a Rubric