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Degree Programs

The outstanding liberal arts and sciences curriculum provides a well-rounded educational experience. Students may choose to complete an internship at any of hundreds of firms each year. There are also opportunities to study in other countries with a study abroad program. This range of experiences gives students many career paths and options to consider

Students with interests in more than one area may want to consider declaring a dual major. By combining two majors, a student graduates with qualifications to excel in more types of positions. Consider the possibilities: professional writing and electronic media are excellent preparation for a career in journalism. Environmental science and biology will prepare you for work in countless areas, or majoring in archaeology and geography can place you on the cutting edge in spatial analysis of cultures and high-tech cartography. Declaring a dual major may require attending Kutztown University for an additional semester or two.

Declaring a minor is similar, though it requires fewer additional courses. A modern language minor is popular for many students, as it provides them with additional insight into a foreign culture, and assists students seeking careers with international companies or targeting multi-lingual consumers in the United States. Another option for students is to minor in an area closely related to their major to expand their knowledge base.