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Anthropology Major Portfolio Requirement

Beginning in the fall of 2011, the Anthropology program introduced a new set of requirements for graduation.  The requirements will be applied to all new majors who matriculated in the fall of 2011 and after and all transfer students with less than 30 credits in the fall of 2012.  A portfolio will take the place of the comprehensive examination as a graduation requirement.  All students must complete a portfolio in order to receive a BA in Anthropology. The portfolio will provide students with examples of accomplishments as anthropology majors and will also serve as a core of materials for future employment or further education. The portfolio will be reviewed by several members of the Department. If parts of the portfolio are inadequate, the student will be asked to revise them until they are satisfactory.

The portfolio will include the following materials:

  1. An overview that synthesizes and integrates the portfolio's materials, including the three projects listed in #2 (3-5 pages)
  2. Three examples of academic/professional experience from three different anthropology courses. These may include term papers from anthropology classes (not less than five pages each), or other professional/academic experience (such as documentation of a museum exhibit or special project that the student worked on as part of an independent study or internship).
  3. A current resume
  4. A statement (3-5 pages) describing experiences as an anthropology major (why the student became a major, and the most important learning experiences)
  5. A statement (3-5 pages) of future plans and how anthropological training will fit into those plans

The portfolio will be evaluated in terms of the following criteria:

  1. The ability to use a holistic and comparative anthropological approach and to present a sophisticated approach to understanding cultural diversity.
  2. The ability to express oneself well in the appropriate media, whether visual, auditory or written. Written materials will demonstrate the ability to express oneself in proper usage, grammar and the development of themes. Sources will be appropriate, integrated and properly cited.
  3. The ability to research data in a manner that reflects anthropological understanding and insight.
  4. The ability to incorporate appropriate anthropological concepts and theories.

Anthropology majors should begin thinking about the portfolio as soon as they declare the major. The portfolio will be developed in consultation with a student's professors and advisor. It will also be incorporated into some of the requirements for Senior Seminar. The Department will have a drop box in D2L where each major will keep papers or projects for the portfolio.

The portfolio should be submitted as soon as possible in the semester that the student plans to graduate, but no later than the seventh week of that semester.  It will be reviewed by at least two professors. They may ask for revisions which must be completed before graduation. Students should submit their materials as early as possible so that they will be able to complete any revisions or changes. Students are strongly encouraged to work with advisors and course professors to make sure that the papers and materials are prepared in a satisfactory manner. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the portfolio is organized, scholarly and professional.