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Alumni, let us hear from you.

Sharon Davidheiser

"My most valuable experiences in the Biology Department at Kutztown were my opportunities to do independent study. I was able to participate in the design of my curriculum, more completely investigate my areas of interest, and work side-by-side with my professors as they applied their science. Taking my new knowledge and skills from the classroom to the field in collegial interchange with such dedicated professors truly prepared me for my career."

-Sharon Davidheiser, M.D., Partner in Phoenixville Medical Associates, LLC

Cristen Rosch

"The wide range of classes offered by the Biology Department at Kutztown University, as well as the opportunity to do research, laid a good foundation for the pursuit of my doctorate."

- Cristen Rosch., Assistant Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Kutztown University

Jason Skipworth

"I am now working at Fox Chase Cancer Center full-time. I feel so prepared for the real world I cannot explain it. I am using genetics, physiology, immunology, neurology, virology, molecular biology, and cell biology. I compete well with the best technicians from all sorts of schools. Thanks for everything!"

Jason Skipworth (Scientific Technician I)

Jeremy Heft

"My experience at KU proved extremely valuable to my hiring and promotion at the Wolf Education and Research Center. Not only did I receive a vast amount of knowledge while at KU, but I also gained the hands-on experiences necessary in my field of study. I am forever grateful to those professors who shared a genuine desire to help me accomplish my dreams."

Jeremy Heft, Pack Manager, Wolf Education and Research Center, Winchester, Idaho

Jason Grabert "I find that my educational experience far exceeds that of some of my Ivy League colleagues. At KU, I had performed advanced laboratory techniques on a weekly basis, while most of my colleagues had only read about them in a book. To say that I had an excellent experience studying science at KU is an understatement - it was probably the best decision I ever made."

- Jason Grabert, Medical Student, Temple University
Amanda Donahue

"At KU, my curiosity developed into a true desire for knowledge in Environmental Sciences. Where there is a willing student there is a professor to mold that enthusiasm into productive outlets. I was a laboratory assistant, an active member of the Environmental Science Forum, and participated in the Greenhouse Club, the Outdoor Club, and the Earth Day Committee. My degree topped off with an internship at the Berks County Conservancy." 

- Amanda Donahue, Environmental Scientist/Chem. analyst

Shawn Barnes

"At many universities, graduate assistants teach the labs, and students rarely interact directly with their professors. At KU, my professors taught both lectures and labs and were always available when I had questions about classes or career goals or just wanted to chat. I conducted three different research projects with three different professors. It's the personal attention that makes Kutztown special."

- Shawn Barnes, Science Teacher, Peace Corps, Western Samoa

Merrill Schaeffer

"At Kutztown I learned current biological research techniques and the basic fundamentals behind the science. I have been told by students at large universities that they feel lost within their own major and feel like a number. This was not the case at KU. I feel the close interaction I had with the biology faculty helped to ignite a fire in me that is still burning."

 - Merrill Schaeffer, Ph.D., Research and Development Group Leader, Vaccine Development, Boehringer Ingelheim

Dave Golden

"I feel the small class size of the science courses at KU provides students with an intimate learning atmosphere that larger universities cannot match. In addition to being exceptional instructors, many of the biology faculty at KU became my mentors and contributed greatly to my development as a scientist."

 - Dave Golden, Senior Biologist, Endangered Species Program, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife