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Dr. Daniel Spiegel

Contact Information:
Office Phone: 610-683-4423
Office Room: OM251

Home Page:

Research Interests:
Evolutionary Techniques, including Genetic Computing
Operations Research
Issues in Computer Science Education
Biological Simulation
User Experience (UX)

Ph.D., Computer Science, Wright State University
M.S., Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science, Ohio University
B.S., Mathematics, Ohio University

Courses Regularly Taught:
CSC136 - Computer Science II
CSC235 - Computer Organization and Assembly Language
CSC237 - Data Structures
CSC310 - Procedure Oriented-Programming Languages
CSC361 - Finite Automata & Formal Languages
CSC421 - Web-Based Software Design and Development
CSC422 - Object Oriented-Programming I
CSC472 - Independent Study and/or Projects in Computer Science
CSC520 - Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
CSC521 - Advanced Web-Based Software Development
CSC552 - Advanced UNIX Programming