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Software Development Track

The Master of Science in Computer Science, Software Development track, offers graduate students a chance to pursue more in-depth topics related to the field of computer science. The department offers a variety of courses including those in the area of advanced programming, compiler, security, networking, and database. The curriculum has both a breadth and a depth to it. This allows students to learn about many areas along with the ability to delve more deeply into others. Students can do research with professors working in their fields of interest. Students also have the opportunity to work as graduate assistants in the program.

The Computer Science & Information Technology Department offers all graduate program courses online via real-time virtual classroom - students attend class on campus or remotely as it occurs. A student may earn a master's degree 100% face-to-face, 100% online, or a combination as best fits his/her needs.   

The program is capped by either a thesis or comprehensive examination.

Software Development Program Checksheet

Career Opportunities

Students who receive a master's degree in the software development track are not only given the same opportunities that a Bachelor's of Software development give, but are also given higher opportunities within those same careers. 

For additional information about this program, contact the graduate program coordinator at or (484)646-4299.