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Program Requirements

Professional Science Masters Checksheet

Required Internship

I. Course Descriptions CSC 590: CS Cooperative Internship

The internship is designed to give students industrial, supervised practical experience in a Computer Science-related position. The internship can be done at any company associated with the Computer Science department or one of the intern's choosing. All arrangements for a cooperative internship are to be made through the Computer Science Department, and approval by both advisor and department chairperson are necessary.
3 s.h. (150 hours of work time)

II. Rationale

Kutztown University has had cooperative internship arrangements with many companies and organizations in Eastern Pennsylvania. CS majors have been employed full-time as intern's in a wide variety of tasks and have demonstrated that in a short time they can become productive participants in meaningful projects. The internship gives the students real life business experience.

III. Course Objectives

Upon satisfactory completion of the internship the student will be able to:

A. Apply classroom content and procedures in a real-world environment.
B. Demonstrate desirable work habits and attitudes, among which are:

      1. Recognizing the relationships between a computer installation and the industry or industries it serves
      2. Relating to others on the job
      3. Recognizing proper lines of communication
      4. Learning to function as part of a team
      5. Developing a professional attitude about the quality and consequences of one's work

C. Identify facilities and procedures of the cooperating employer's data processing installation
D. Demonstrate involvement in projects that involve

      1. Routine problem solving requiring the use of the computer
      2. Analysis of existing software
      3. Design of procedures and algorithms
      4. Modification of existing software
      5. Computer applications in business, industry, mathematics, engineering, and other areas
      6. Design, modification, or analysis of a computer-based system
      7. Working with professionals and maturing professionally as a result
      8. Acquaintance with professional associations serving other computer professionals with whom the student works

IV. Course Assessment

Assessment of the intern's progress is carried out jointly between the cooperating agency and the university's CS Cooperative Internship Coordinator. This assessment will be done using:

    1. A daily log, kept by the intern, of his or her experiences during the internship.
    2. The intern will write a summary/reaction paper on the experiences and responsibilities of the internship.
    3. The intern will be required to give a presentation to faculty and students summarizing the work he or she did.
    4. The intern's immediate supervisor in the cooperating company will submit an evaluation of the intern's performance. This evaluation will be submitted either on the evaluation form provided by the CS Department or in a form usually used by the cooperating company in such cases. The form to be used will be agreed to by the parties involved.

V. Outline

The actual content of the cooperative internship experience is dependent upon the cooperating company's function and/or product(s). In all cases, though, the content will consist of the knowledge and procedures referred to in the course objectives as they apply to the intern's duties with the specific cooperating company. The internship will provide the student with an opportunity to relate classroom content and procedures to the working world. The internship experience usually begins with a period of in-house education, observation and adjustment. As soon as possible the intern becomes involved in a meaningful project, usually as part of a larger team and under close supervision. As time passes the student is expected to function more independently and productively and to take on at least one project of some complexity.

Course Description

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