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Prospective Students

Program Goals


Provide a graduate-level degree representing learning opportunities that enhance students' abilities in professional activity in multi-disciplinary programs centered on computer science.


Provide Computer Science students possessing little or no formal education in management and administration a foundation in areas including human resource management, personnel administration, and management decision making that would be very useful to the 'new' manager who may have approached decision making differently in designing and working with computer systems.


Provide programs with flexibility to best prepare graduates for beginning or continuing careers in computing-related disciplines where they may aspire to move from technical to management positions.


Provide programs with breadth and depth in graduate-level CS topics achieved by completing a core that provides breadth in the discipline and two sets of electives, one in a CS discipline and one in a non-CS discipline whose principles enhance the student's professional credentials.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the CS MS program requires the following:

      •  A minimum of a BS from an accredited institution
      •  Transcripts, sent directly from previous universities attended
      •  GRE General Test scores
      •  Three letters of recommendation
      •  Application Fee

Financial Aid

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