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Past IAB Meetings

2013 Fall IAB Meeting

There was a Career Center presentation by Kerri Gardi. She reported two important upcoming events:

      • There will be a job fair in Feb 2014 in Berks County for Lehigh Valley colleges and universities.
      • KU will have an on campus job fair late March or early April 2014.

There was a discussion on feedbacks from student interviews. Here are some tips for students:

      • T.Gradel, from Olympus America Inc., reported that students need to do research on the company before interview. Students can practice the skills in KTA meetings.
      • M. Krut, from Penske Truck Rental, says students need to make clear what their passions and interests are. Some don't know exactly what they want.
      • Perform mock interviews at the career center.
      • K.Fox, from Fidelity Information Services, wants students to improve their social ability during interviews.

The last discussion was on online education. Few points that came up are:

      • PASSHE is promoting online education and encouraging collaboration within colleges.
      • Doing the course in real time virtual classroom. Tools such as Google+ chat can be used to allow non-local students to interact with professors and the rest of the class.
      • H.Munoz-Avila, from Lehigh University, reported some concerns about whether online teaching is effective. The online courses are great for non-local students, but there can be high drop rates for online courses.

Pictures from the meetings:

IAB Members at Meeting

IAB Students at Meeting

2013 Spring IAB Meeting

Dr. Parson reported the curriculum development that resulted from the last IAB meeting. Three courses are to be added for following semesters. They are:

      • CSC 540 Enterprise Management
      • Database Course that focuses on data mining and data analysis
      • CSC 480 Mobile Application Development

There was a discussion on getting industrial grants outside the university.

The last discussion was on changing the name of the department to Computer Science and Information Technology which may be beneficial for marketing purposes.