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The Five-Year Plan for BS/MS in CS

For students who do their undergraduate work at Kutztown, there is the opportunity to enroll in the BS/MS five year program. This allows students to complete a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Computer Science in five years. This process is made possible because an undergraduate student can take up to 12 semester hours of 400 level courses that will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. This process allows students to finish a Master degree with one full time year of study beyond the undergraduate degree.

Admission to Graduate School is based on the student's undergraduate record after 3 years, or the completion of 24 undergraduate CSC credits (with a B-average). There are also specific CSC courses that require a B or higher (see the appropriate checksheet for the list of these courses).

5-Year BS/MS Checksheet
 (Suggested Course Sequence)

5-Year BS/MS IT Checksheet (Suggested Course Sequence)

Credit Breakdown for Program

Undergraduate Credits  
General Education 60 credits
Undergrad CSC courses 30 credits
*Note: with 15 more CSC credits counted in Gen Ed  
Concomitant Math courses 9 credits
*Note: with 6 more Math credits counted under Gen Ed Category IV  
Free Electives 6 credits
Total: 108 credits
 *Note: 108 credits includes 45 CSC credits where 12 credits needed for the undergraduate program are taken at the graduate level.
Graduate Credits  
Graduate CSC courses 30 credits
*Note: where at most 12 CSC credits above 45 count toward the 120 undergraduate credits needed for the BS in CSC  
Total: 138 credits
*Note: 138 credits over 5 years including 75 CSC credits.