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Information Technology Major

Kutztown offers a major and a minor on the Information Technology track through a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

The information technology track focuses on the broader technology areas of computer science, focusing on the design, development, implementation, support and management of computer-based information systems. Students in this track will take courses relating to security, networking, web development and database. Upon graduation these students may choose to work as security specialists, network managers or technicians, system administrators, web developers or database administrators. Students in this track may choose to enroll in the B.S./M.S. five year program at Kutztown.

Career Opportunities

Careers for graduates with a degree in Information Technology include network, database, and web administration, systems development, technical support, security specialist and consulting. Web development is one of many areas IT students can find jobs in post-graduation.

Information Technology Major Track checksheet

Recommended course sequence for Information Technology majors

Kutztown University offers a wide range of courses for Information Technology Majors. You can read course descriptions within the MyKU Student Information System. The courses are arranged alphabetically. Search by the prefixes CSC.

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