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The Department of Criminal Justice has a number of checksheets. Which checksheet will you be using? The answer depends upon when you were accepted into the Criminal Justice program and how many credits you had when you were accepted.

Program of StudyPlanEffective Date
B.S. Criminal JusticeMajor8/29/2016 (Current Version)
B.S. Criminal JusticeMajor1/20/2015
B.S. Criminal JusticeMajor8/29/2011
B.S. Criminal JusticeMajor8/30/2010
Forensic StudiesMinor8/29/2016 (Current Version)
Homeland SecurityMinor8/29/2016 (Current Version)
Criminal JusticeMinor8/29/2011 (Current Version)

Program of StudyPlanEffective Date
B.S. Criminal Justice : Paralegal StudiesMajor8/29/2016 (Current Version)
B.S. Criminal Justice : Paralegal StudiesMajor1/20/2015
B.S. Criminal Justice : Paralegal StudiesMajor8/29/2011
B.S. Criminal Justice : Paralegal StudiesMajor8/30/2010