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Criminal Justice Field Work

A student wishing to participate in the field work placement must have completed at least sixty (60) college credit hours. In addition, the student must have completed at least eighteen (18) credits in the criminal justice curriculum.

Students who wish to obtain a field work placement must enroll in CRJ 390 and pay for six credits. Field work students must serve five weeks (a total of 200 hours) of work at their placement. The normal workload is eight hours; however, not all placements are designed around a standard eight-hour day. Some placements may require "off hours" and weekend work. If there are problems or questions regarding hours, they can be discussed and revised with your faculty internship supervisor.

Kutztown students have received field work placements with a wide range of local, state and federal agencies. Law enforcement placements have included the state police, private detectives and sheriff's departments, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and U. S. Marshals. Students interested in pursuing careers in the courts have worked with prosecutors, defense attorneys and court administrators. Many students are placed in adult and juvenile probation agencies or in adult prisons and juvenile reformatories. One student was placed in Rwanda with the war crimes court.

There are, to be sure, many possibilities. The faculty field work coordinator will help each student find a meaningful placement that will demonstrate the linkage between academic work and real life criminal justice settings-and, hopefully, open the door for long-term employment.

Contact Dr. Johnathan Kremser for  questions.