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Current and Alumni Views of the Department

Current Students' Views Of Kutztown

  "I like KU because I know that I am getting a good education from some of the best professors in their fields. I also like that I have the opportunity to communicate one-on-one with my professors if I have any problems."-Matt S.

"I like it here because the CJ professors make it interesting."-Matty M. "

"It is a nice campus with low-cost tuition. I like it because of the small classes and the athletic program."-Brian G.

"I came to Kutztown and I like it because it has great academic programs, plenty of groups, clubs, sports, and it is in a small, nice environment."-Michael K.

"It's a nice campus. It's close enough to home but yet far enough away. I like KU because of the class sizes and professors."-Jason M.

"The Criminal Justice Program has been known for its excellence; that is why I came to KU."-Heather F.

"I like the friendliness of the professors, students, and other helpful staff-especially to non-traditional students like me."-Crystal C.

"Of all the schools I looked at, it had the best Criminal Justice Program. I like KU because professors listen to you when you need help and everyone is friendly."-Jeremy B.

"I chose KU because of its diverse atmosphere. I like it because there are so many different types of people here; it never gets boring."-Jacquë M.



"For as long as I can remember, I have always had an interest in pursuing a career in the law enforcement field. Kutztown University, specifically the Criminal Justice Department, offered the necessary academic courses that laid the foundation to support my career in law enforcement. The criminal justice courses offered at Kutztown University were exciting, challenging and inspired me to further pursue my Juris Doctorate in Law. I am proud to say that even today I remain friends with many of the Kutztown faculty who proved to be extremely instrumental in my overall education."
-Mark C. Baldwin, District Attorney

"The Department of Criminal Justice has provided excellent preparation for my career as a state trooper. The faculty's emphasis on teaching critical thinking, developing writing and verbal communication skills, and understanding the nature and causes of crime has been invaluable in my service as a patrol officer, criminal investigator, criminal law instructor and hostage negotiator. Put simply, it is an outstanding program with excellent professors."
-Adam Kisthardt, graduate