Jonathan Kremser

Headshot of Jonathan Kremser.

Professor in Criminal Justice

Department Chair

Old Main 357

Phone: (484) 646-4241

Rutgers University: Ph.D. Criminal Justice

Rutgers University: M.A. Criminal Justice

University of Ottawa: M.A. Criminology 

Kutztown University: B.S. Criminal Justice


Dr. Jonathan Kremser joined the Department of Criminal Justice in 2003. He served as a weapons instructor in the U.S. Navy, conducting numerous classes for members of the military and the Department of Defense Police. His responsibilities took him to the Middle East, Guantanamo Bay, and Asia.

Dr. Kremser is among the first in the field to examine zero tolerance mandates and how they were operationalized by school administrators in Canada. He specializes in identifying community characteristics that influence crime, victimization of school children, and policies that reduce the opportunities for violence and property crime.

His publications include topics of school-related offenses, violent crime, and security. He is frequently invited to present his research at conferences throughout the United States and internationally. In 2018, Dr. Kremser presented research at the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime in Vienna, Austria, that examined the initial impact of the governor of Pennsylvania’s initiative to address the heroin epidemic in the commonwealth. In 2015, he was invited to the Stockholm Criminology Symposium, where he presented his study on situational crime prevention strategies that identify increased levels of reported victimization among students during their school commute.

Dr. Kremser has completed professional training and certifications in the area of threat assessment in schools, enhanced school lockdown strategies, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), and bullying prevention. He is certified in Active School Shooter Response and has trained with school resource officers from the Fargo, North Dakota and Allentown, Pennsylvania Police Departments. Dr. Kremser is a member of the American Society of Criminology and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.

Outside of KU, Dr. Kremser serves the Commonwealth as a member of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) Juvenile Justice Diversion Subcommittee in Harrisburg. His work in the area of juvenile diversion helps provide criminal justice professionals and school administrators across Pennsylvania with alternative ways to address the needs of young, non-violent offenders while protecting the community.

Recent Selected Publications:

  • Bolger, P., Kremser, J., and Walker, H. (2018). "Detention or Diversion? The influence of training and education on school police officer discretion." Policing: An International Journal, 42 (2): 255-269.
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Recent Selected Presentations:

  • Breaking Barriers: Coordinating Healthcare and Police Response to the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic in the United States. Paper presented at the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) before the 2018 International Police Executive Symposium in Vienna, Austria. 
  • The Role of Youth Court Diversion within the Balanced and Restorative Justice Framework. Paper presented at 2018 Children’s Rights European Academic Network. University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Situational Crime Prevention and School Commute Safety. Paper presented at 2015 Stockholm Criminology Symposium in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • The Rise in Risk of Victimization in Juvenile Facilities. Paper presented at 2018 annual meeting of American Society of Criminology in Atlanta, GA.