Lindsey Runell

Headshot of Lindsey Runell.

Assistant Professor

Old Main 358

Phone: (610) 683-4241

Rutgers University: Ph.D., Criminal Justice

The George Washington University Law School: J.D.

Lehigh University: B.A., Political Science


Lindsey Livingston Runell joined the Department of Criminal Justice at Kutztown University in January 2015. Before coming to the university, she taught at Rutgers University and East Stroudsburg University. Dr. Runell received her doctorate degree in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University in May 2015. Prior to that, she was awarded a Juris Doctor from The George Washington University Law School, where her primary areas of focus were criminal law and criminal procedure. She is a co-advisor for the Kutztown University Mock Trial Association and was also appointed to serve as an at-large member of the Kutztown University Commission on the Status of Minorities for the 2015-2016 academic year.   

Areas of Research:

Carceral and Post-Carceral Involvement in Higher Education
Life-Course Criminology and Disistance
Structural Inequality and Crime

Courses Taught: 

Community Corrections
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to Law
Investigation and Intelligence
Juvenile Justice
Policy, Punishment and Society

Selected Articles:

Walters, G. D., Kremser, J. & Runell, L. L. (March 2020). The Fear of Being Bullied on the School Bus: Perceptions, Correlations, and Sex Differences. International Journal of Bullying Prevention.

Walters, G. D., Kremser, J. & Runell, L. L. (March 2020). Moderating the Bullying Perpetration-Delinquency Relationship with Parental Support and Knowledge: A Prospective Analysis of Middle School Students. Journal of Aggressive Behavior.

L Runell, L. (2020). Becoming a social work professional after incarceration. Journal of Social Work, 20(3), 307-320.

*Originally published online in 2018*

Runell, L. L. (2018). Arrested development: Pursuing a higher education in carceral contexts. The Prison Journal, 98(4), 470-489.

Runell, L. L. (2017). Identifying desistance pathways in a higher education program for formerly incarcerated individuals. International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology, 61(8), 894-918.

Runell, L. L. (2016). Doing time and college: An examination of carceral influences on experiences in postsecondary correctional education. Journal of Prison Education and Reentry, 3(2), 5.

Livingston, L., & Miller, J. (2014). Inequalities of race, class, and place and their impact on postincarceration higher education. Race and Justice, 4(3), 212-245.

Encyclopedia Entries:

Runell, L.L. (2017). Emile Durkheim. The Encyclopedia of Corrections

Runell, L. L. (2017). San Quentin State Prison. The Encyclopedia of Corrections.

Runell, L.L. (2017). Sex Offender Programs. The Encyclopedia of Corrections.

Selected Conference Papers and Presentations:

2017  "Psychosocial Correlates of Bullying Among Middle School Youth." Roundtable. Annual Meeting of The American Society of Criminology Conference. Philadelphia, PA. November

2015  "Examining the Role of Pre-Carceral and Carceral Experiences on Success in Post-Secondary Correctional Education" Annual Meeting of The American Society of Criminology Conference. Washington, D.C. November.

2014  "Exploring Race and Class Differences Embedded in Peer, School, and Neighborhood Pathways to Crime" Annual Meeting of The American Society of  Criminology Conference. San Francisco. November.

2013  "Alternatives to Crime: Identifying Desistance Pathways in a Higher Education Program for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals" Annual Meeting of The American Society of Criminology. Atlanta. November.

Fellowships and Awards:

Kutztown University Foundation Grant, Kutztown University, 2016

Dissertation Fellowship, Rutgers University, 2014

Dean's Research Award, Rutgers University, 2012

Ralph Bunche Fellowship, Rutgers University, 2010