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About the Department of Geography

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Cardozo

Dr. Mario L. Cardozo

Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin 2013
Assistant Professor.

Specialties: human-environment interactions, conservation, GIS, remote sensing, Latin America.

Graduate Center 110
Phone: (610) 683-4365
Dr. Moira Conway

Dr. Moira A. Conway

Ph.D., Graduate Center of the City University of New York 2014
Assistant Professor

Specialties: economic geography, GIS, transportation, urban issues.

Graduate Center 108
Phone: (610) 683-4837

Photo of Dr. Richard S. Courtney, Dept. Chair

Dr. Richard S. Courtney

Ph.D., The Ohio State University 1993
Associate Professor and
Department Chair.
PSECU Difference Maker

Specialties: cartography, physical geography, urban geography, research methods.

Graduate Center 105
Phone: (610) 683-4364
Photo of Dr. Michael A. Davis, Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael A. Davis

Ph.D., The Ohio State University 2011
Assistant Professor

Specialties: climatology, climate change, physical geography, meteorology, weather analysis.

Graduate Center 212
Phone: (610) 683-1596
Dr. Jerry Griffith

Dr. Jerry A. Griffith

Ph.D., University of Kansas 2000
Assistant Professor

Specialties: Environmental geography, biogeography, landscape ecology, land use/land cover change, remote sensing.

Graduate Center 109
Phone: (610) 683-4369

Photo of Dr. Mathias J. LeBossé, Associate Professor

Dr. Mathias J. Le Bossé

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison 2000
Associate Professor

Specialties: cultural geography, political geography, economic geography, world regional geography, Europe.

Graduate Center 107
Phone: (610) 683-4838

Photo of Dr. Steven M. Schnell, Professor

Dr. Steven M. Schnell

Ph.D., University of Kansas 1998

Editor of The Geographical Bulletin
Specialties: Africa, cultural geography, North America, sense of place, globalization.

Graduate Center 103
Phone: (610) 683-1595
Photo of Mr. Matthew West

Mr. Matthew West

M.S. Temple University 2005
PSECU Difference Maker

Specialties: Geographic Information Systems, transportation planning.

Graduate Center 211
Phone: (610) 683-4367
Photo of D. Siravo

Mrs. Dorothy Siravo

Department Secretary
KU Employee of the Month: June 2017
PSECU Difference Maker

Specialties: customer relations, photography, baked delights (brownies, pumpkin bread, lemon cake etc.)

Graduate Center 105
Phone: (610) 683-4364