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B.A. in Geography

The Kutztown University Department of Geography currently offers five tracks, or areas of specialization, in our Bachelor of Arts degree program.  Each track is described below.  Use the link provided for each track to view the associated program check sheet. 

All of the tracks in the Bachelor of Arts program share a set of common core courses.  Two core courses relate to the two main sides to Geography: Physical Geography and Cultural Geography.  Two other core courses relate to geographical techniques vital to careers in Geography: Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  The final two core courses comprise the capstone experience of the B.A. program in Geography: Research Methods and Senior Seminar.  A major component of the capstone experience involves research and a senior thesis.


General Track 
This track offers the broadest possible training in geography for students interested in graduate school or who are interested in teaching careers in the social sciences.

Applied Track (in moratorium)
A technically oriented track designed to prepare students for employment in industry or in government.  The Applied Track requires GEG 394 Internship in Geography.

Environmental Track
This track is designed for students seeking careers in environmental analysis, conservation, or environmental planning.  The Environmental Track requires GEG 394 Internship in Geography.

Globalization Track
This track focuses on the spatial aspects of the social, economic, and environmental forces reshaping cultures at the global, regional, and local levels.

Planning Track
This track is designed for students seeking careers in the field of planning. This track focuses on geographic concepts and techniques central to the field of planning and includes Political Science courses as planning is inherently a political process.  The Planning Track requires GEG 394 Internship in Geography, and either a minor in Political Science or Public Administration.

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