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Four-Year Program Plans

To aid majors in planning their academic careers in the BA Geography major, we have prepared Four-Year Program Plans for our five tracks.  Each plan shows how a typical student would progress through the chosen track over eight semesters.  In order to graduate in four years, an incoming freshman student will need to take 15 credits per semester (30 per academic year). 

The Program Plans found below should be taken as suggestions and not as definitive in that a good deal of variation from the Program Plans is permissable while maintaining a 4-year graduation pace.  Each program Plan refers directly only to a few specific courses opting instead to direct students to sections of General Education and the Major Track check sheets.  The notation used in the Program Plans is as follows:

GE I refers to General Education section I: University Core

GE II refers to General Education section II: University Distribution

GE IV refers to General Education section IV: College Distribution (Liberal Arts and Sciences version)

Category Requirement refers to section 2 of the Applied, Environmental, General, and Planning Tracks

Free Elective refers to the Electives or Minor section of the Applied, Environmental, General, and Globalization Tracks

Minor Course refers to the Electives or Minor section of the Planning Track (a minor in either Political Science or Public Administration is expected).


Follow the links below to view each track's Four-Year Program Plan 

Applied Track

Environmental Track

General Track

Globalization Track

Planning Track