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Geography Courses and General Education Competency Requirements

Effective fall 2014, all students entering Kutztown University will be subject to the Competencies Across the Curriculum requirement of General Education.  As students select courses for the University Distribution and College Distribution sections of General Education, and as they select courses in their major programs (including electives), they will need to be choosing some courses that carry competencies (areas of emphasis or concentration).  The various competency requirements are discussed below.

Writing Intensive (WI) Courses

Through their undergraduate academic careers, students will need to take 9 credits of Writing Intensive coursework.  This generally means three courses that carry the WI suffix indicating Writing Intensive status.  In Geography, GEG 310WI Urban Geography carries the Writing Intensive suffix as does GEG 380CTWI Senior Seminar in Geography.  Senior Seminar is the required capstone experince for B.A. Geography majors which means that 3 of the 9 required credits of Writing Intensive coursework are automatically met by the major program.  (The CT part of the dual suffix is discussed below.)

Quantitative Literacy (QL) or Computer-Intensive (CP) Coures

Students must also select 3 credits of coursework that emphasizes Quantitative Literacy or that is Computer-Intensive.  In Geography, GEG 274 CPQL Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) emphasizes Quantitative Literacy, and is Computer Intensive and carries a dual CPQL suffix.  Since this is a required course in the B.A. Geography program and in the B.S. Environmental Science-Geography Track, this competency is automatically met.

Visual Literacy (VL) or Communication-Intensive (CI) Courses

Another 3 credits are needed to meet this competency requirement.   GEG 330 CPVL Cartography is Computer-Intensive and emphasizes Visual Literacy and thus carries the dual suffix CPVL.  Since GEG 330 CPVL is a required course in the B.A. Geography program, this competency is automatically met.

Cultural Diversity (CD) Courses

An additional 3 credits of coursework are required from courses that carry the Cultural Diversity (CD) suffix.  GEG 020 CD Cultural Geography is a required course in the B.A. Geography program, so the CD competency is automatically met in the major.

Critical Thinking (CT) Courses

The final 3 credits of the Competencies Across the Curriculum requriement come in the form of Critical Thinking coursework.  GEG 380 CTWI Senior Seminar in Geography is the capstone experience in the B.A. Geography program and requires a senior thesis.  The senior thesis involves independent student research which requires students to collect, process, and critically evaluate data and to present relevant findings.  As a requirement of all Geography majors, the Critical Thinking competency is automatically met.

Competencies Across the Curriculum and the B.S. Environmental Science-Geography Track

The B.S. Environmental Science-Geography Track has the same Competencies Across the Curriculum requirements as discussed above for the B.A. Geography program, except only one Geography course that carries a competency is required: GEG 274CPQL Introduction to Geographic Information Systems.  This means the CP or QL requirement is automatically met in the major.  Environmental Science students are also required to take ENV 220WIQL Environmental Analysis and ENV 222WI Environmental Biology, so 6 of 9 Writing Intensive credits are automatically met by the major.