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Geography Courses by Category

Cultural Geography:

GEG 020              Elements of Cultural Geography (Core course)
GEG 210              Environmental Conservation
GEG 225CMCT    Spaces of Globalization
GEG 264              Medical Geography
GEG 335              Political Geography
GEG 338              Geography of Population

Economic Geography:

GEG 220              Economic Geography
GEG 223              Introduction to Transportation Geography
GEG 225CMCT    Spaces of Globalization
GEG 310WI         Urban Geography

Geographic Techniques:

GEG 230             Map Reading and Interpretation
GEG 232             Field Methods in Geography
GEG 274CPQL    Introduction to GIS Lecture / Lab (Core course)
GEG 330CPVL    Cartography (Core course)
GEG 333             Advanced GIS
GEG 341             Environmental Planning
GEG 343             Land Use Planning
GEG 347             Remote Sensing of the Environment Lecture / Lab
GEG 375             Research Methods in Geography (Core course)
GEG 380             Senior Seminar in Geography (Core course)

Physical Geography:

GEG 010             Elements of Physical Geography (Core course)
GEG 040             Descriptive Oceanography
GEG 204             Meteorology Lecture / Lab
GEG 212             Geography of Natural Hazards
GEG 304             Weather Analysis Lecture / Lab
GEG 322             Climatology
GEG 323             Global Warming and the Science of Climate Change
GEG 324             Geomorphology Lecture / Lab

Regional Geography:

GEG 101             World Regional Geography
GEG 110             Geography of United States and Canada
GEG 112             Geography of Pennsylvania
GEG 120             Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
GEG 140             Geography of Europe