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Professor Randy S. Schaeffer

In Memoriam: 1950-2014

 Professor Randy S. Schaeffer

The outpouring of love, appreciation, gratitude, and fond memories, which we witnessed at the service on Monday, October 27, 2014, is a testimony to the way this singular figure in the history of Kutztown University touched so many lives. Randy was involved with almost all aspects and facets of academic endeavors at Kutztown University.  We have not only lost a dear colleague, friend, counselor, mentor, a treasure trove of knowledge and information, but most importantly a very valued member of the Kutztown University community.  In his priorities Kutztown University always came first, because Kutztown was his family and we do place family first.  Dr. Fran Vasko, one of Randy's colleagues in the Department of Mathematics, ran into Randy and Bill Bateman in Philadelphia in July of 2010. In response to Fran's query, Randy and Bill informed him they were there raising funds for Kutztown University.  They were there on a hot summer day volunteering their time and energy for Kutztown University, their family, when most of us were away relaxing and enjoying our time off over the summer.  This is but one example of Randy's dedication, of the generosity with which he gave of his energy and time to Kutztown and to the cause of education in general.  Education was not merely his vocation, but also his avocation!  He was this beacon of guiding light whose sustained selfless efforts guided and mentored many of his colleagues.  He was an inspiring role model and educator that most of his students aspired to be.  And through these students--future school teachers themselves--his legacy will live on for many generations to come.

We feel blessed for having had Randy for a colleague: our lives are so much richer because of the privilege of knowing him--his intellect, his work ethic, his integrity, his wisdom, his calm and gentle demeanor, his eloquence, his subtle sense of humor will continue to inspire us for years to come.  His effective stewardship of a multitude of vital committees and various institutional bodies at Kutztown, including but not limited to the University Senate, the University Curriculum Committee, the General Education Committee, and the sheer volume and effectiveness of his service to Kutztown is perhaps unprecedented in the history of our institution.  And his contributions to the writing--informed writing, precise writing, elegant writing--of a myriad documents will be hard to match for years to come.

His loss is a huge blow to us personally and professionally.  Our condolences to Bill and the other members of the family--Randy's family, which includes you and me.

Randy, our colleague--our brother, rest in peace!



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