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Association for Women in Mathematics

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) is a national organization devoted to encouraging women and girls to study and to have active careers in the mathematical sciences, and to promote equal opportunity and the equal treatment of women and girls in the mathematical sciences.

Officers of the Kutztown AWM Student Chapter:

President: Laura Myers
Vice President: Amanda Romano
Public Relations: Devin Beattie

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Lyn McQuaid and Dr. Amy Lu



March 30: Dr. Erin Kraal from the KU Physical Sciences department will be showing us how math and coding are involved in her science followed by a Q&A session about women in higher education.

November 8: Professor Karise Mace will be talking about The Art of Mathematics.  She will discuss the artistic nature of mathematics and how we can change our approach to mathematics by thinking of ourselves and the mathematicians we study as artists.

October 3: Organizational Meeting


April 5: Origami demonstration

March 1: Pi(e) activities!

February 2: Organizational Meeting

November 17: Introduction of officers; TED talk on "Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders."

September 24: Organizational Meeting