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Problem of the Week Competition

Here is the most recent problem.  Paper copies are available on the bulletin board outside LY 228.  Please scroll down to view the competition rules. 

 Spring 2016 PROBLEM 1: DUE WEDNESDAY, February 3 by 3pm  For this week, your task is to cut out the triangle on the back of this page using a pair of scissors.  Sounds easy, right?  But there’s a catch: you must do it using ONLY one straight cut.  This means that once you start cutting, you can’t turn the paper and you can’t turn your scissors.  (Hint: you may fold this piece of paper as many times as you wish).   To submit your solution, please fold your paper and then cut it out in front of Dr. Kronenthal (LY 264) or Dr. Wong (LY 213).  Don’t wait until the last minute, you need to catch one of us in our offices!

Spring 2016 PROBLEM 1: DUE WEDNESDAY, February 3 by 3pm  The triangle to cut out.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Any current Kutztown University student is eligible to participate.
  2. Every problem is a separate contest; students may participate in as many contests as they desire.
  3. Students may solve problems in groups of any size (including size 1, i.e. working individually).  A student may not be a member of multiple groups for any given problem. 
  4. All group members' names and e-mail addresses should be clearly printed on their group's solution.
  5. Students may not consult anyone besides members of their group; books or other written references may be used as long as they are cited in the solution.
  6. Students may seek clarification of a problem from Dr. Kronenthal or Dr. Wong.
  7. Solutions must be written neatly and ideas must be presented clearly; submissions which are difficult to comprehend for any reason may be summarily disqualified.
  8. Solutions must be submitted by the deadline (which will be clearly indicated for each problem) in one of two ways: 
    • Handed face-to-face to Dr. Kronenthal (LY264), Dr. Wong (LY213), or Ms. Jacob (LY227); or
    • E-mailed to or
    Late solutions will not be accepted for any reason.
  9. Each problem will carry a prize of $20 in Bear Bucks, which will be equally split (rounding up to the closest integer) among all groups who submit a clear, correct, and complete solution.
  10. Acceptance of any given solution will be at the discretion of Dr. Kronenthal and Dr. Wong.


  1. Problems will be understandable without taking any mathematics courses.
  2. When fewer correct solutions are received, each solution is worth a larger portion of the prize.
  3. Have fun, and good luck!


Fall 2015 Winners 

POW 2:

Ed Andrescavage ($20 Bear Bucks)

POW 3:

Odysseus Fox ($10 Bear Bucks), Erica Yurvati ($10 Bear Bucks), and Devin Peterson ($2 Bear Bucks)

POW 4:

Katie Stammer ($5 Bear Bucks)



Spring 2015 Winners 

POW 1: (each team earns $2 Bear Bucks)

Ed Andrescavage and Jacob Kramer, Kaitlin Braun, Robert Brotzman-Smith, William Harwi, Shannon Golden, Jeffrey Kraft, Samantha Kronstadt, Nathan Lottes and Christopher Stiles, Sean McCandless, Diana Minogue, Kathleen Nemchik, Kelly Treharne, Kaitlyn Wagner, Erica Yurvati


POW 2:

Erica Yurvati ($10 Bear Bucks)

Kevin Ruppert ($3 bear bucks)


POW 3: ($20 Bear Bucks)

No correct solutions were received.


POW 4: ($15 Bear Bucks for a nearly complete solution)

Devin Peterson



Fall 2014 Winners 

POW 1: (each earns $3 Bear Bucks)

Frank Adames, Kaitlin Braun, Odysseus Fox, Richard Grab, Adriana Kaplan, Kevin Ruppert, Alex Tinney, Bob Thomas


POW 2: (each team earns $4 Bear Bucks)

Kaitlin Braun, Wesley Fenstermaker and Matthew Spencer, William Harwi, Haley Kershaw, Katie Stammer, Kelly Wilcox


POW 3: ($20 Bear Bucks)

William Harwi


POW 4: ($20 Bear Bucks)

Kaitlin Braun


POW 5: (each earns $7 Bear Bucks)

Kaitlin Braun, Jeffrey Kraft, Kelly Treharne


POW 6:

Kaitlin Braun ($2 Bear Bucks), Jeffery Kraft ($12 Bear Bucks), Felipe Porcella ($6 Bear Bucks)


POW 7: No correct solutions were received.


POW 8:

Kaitlin Braun ($4 Bear Bucks), Jeffrey Kraft ($16 Bear Bucks)


POW 9: No correct solutions were received.


POW 10: ($20 Bear Bucks)

Jeffrey Kraft