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Earn up to nine free credits

  • Step 1: Click here for password and the instructions
  • Step 2: Read the policy on this page
  • Step 3: Take the FREE online language placement exam (CAPE)
  • Step 4: Incoming students bring the printout of results to CONNECTIONS

The placement exam is only for students with previous language experience who want to continue studying that same language.

Why Take the Exam?

  • Placement at the appropriate level is essential to success in the study of the language.
  • Incoming students who want to continue in the language with which they have had previous experience must take the placement exam in that language prior to registration for courses.
  • Students who have no previous second language experience or who desire to learn a different modern language do not need to take the exam.

The Department of Modern Language Studies utilizes a web-based placement exam (CAPE) in French, German and Spanish: The test can be accessed from any Internet-capable computer, takes only about 20 minutes, and provides immediate feedback regarding the appropriate level of language placement.

The placement test allows for the granting of credits for levels below the level at which students place. Students who place into level 012 or higher, and then complete the appropriate course at KU with a grade of C or better (on first attempt; repeated courses do not count), will receive credit for courses in the same language at the lower levels, up to a maximum of 9 additional credits.

Course Descriptions

011 & 012 Elementary I & II

These two courses constitute the first year of language study. 011 is an introductory level course for students with no previous or minimal experience in the language. 012, the sequel to 011, is for students with one semester of college language or equivalent. Emphasis is on the oral aspects of the language with substantial work on reading and writing skills and on introduction to the culture.

103 & 104 Intermediate III & IV

Students who have satisfactorily completed six hours of elementary language, or its equivalent, continue the development of the basic skills in aural comprehension, speaking, and writing. In addition, emphasis is placed on independent readings.

For a more complete description of these courses, please refer to the KU Undergraduate Handbook. You can also read course descriptions within the MyKU Student Information System. The courses are arranged alphabetically.

View Course Descriptions in MyKU

Click here to take the test.