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B.S. in Secondary Education/Spanish

Choosing to specialize in Spanish through Kutztown's Secondary Education program provides students a quality grasp of this language through required courses ranging from Spanish Composition to Advanced Syntax & Stylistics. Study abroad experiences can also be explored in preparation for teaching Spanish.

The Secondary Education undergraduate curriculum consists of four categories of coursework, and 40 hours of Education Exploration. Graduates of Kutztown's Secondary Education program are certified to teach in grades seven through 12 in a selected area of specialization. Modern language certification is for kindergarten through 12th grade.

Kutztown University offers a wide range of courses for Spanish B.S. in Secondary Education/Spanish majors. You can read course descriptions within the MyKU Student Information System. The courses are arranged alphabetically. Search by the prefixes SPA, SEU, and EDU.

Click here to view course descriptions in MyKU