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What Are They Doing?

Our graduates have entered a number of professions and been admitted to excellent graduate programs

throughout the country and abroad.

Here's a sampling:

  •  Milo Crimi is enrolled in a Ph.D. program ini Philosophy, with funding, at UCLA.

  • Jenn Dum is in a graduate Philosophy program, with funding, at SUNY Binghamton.

  • Jeremy Henry is in a graduate Philosophy program, with funding, at Texas Tech.

  • Robert Angelini was recently discharged as a Sergeant in the US Army, where he worked in intelligence.

  • Michael Barkasi is enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Rice University, with full fellowship.

    • "Overall the philosophy department offered many advantages not found in many other places at Kutztown. The faculty is made up not only of active scholars from some of the best schools in the country, but also of those willing to work personally with students outside the class room. The department also offered a range of research opportunities and guidance in conference submissions and publications, that and the aforementioned being invaluable when looking to pursue graduate studies in philosophy."

  • Deanna Smith teaches philosophy at Lehigh Carbon Community College.

  • Vanessa Carretta attended law school.

  • Charles Cieri is a reporter and blogger in Philadelphia.

  • Stephen Conroy entered a Swedenborg seminary.

  • Gregory Deck received a Masters at Edinburgh [Scotland] in Philosophy.

  • Lauren Derstine is a chef in NYC.

  • Robert DeVall, Jr. works in business in the Kutztown area.

  • Andrew Dorman is an activist in Allentown.

    • "Philosophy provides a mental grasp on focusing beyond mere opinion. It's also instructs one to be analytical when facts don't explain enough. It's an important branch of study for anyone who requires procedure on revealing truth to the best of one's ability. I've found it very useful in the course of my endeavors."

  • Andrew Earley entered a City University of New York PhD program, with full fellowship.

  • Jason Earley works as an Internet Technician.

  • Jason Fetherolf received an M.A. in Missional Theology.

    • "The Philosophy Department at Kutztown is filled with outstanding professors who are passionate and gifted in their subjects with each professor valuing a close relationship with students. I had the privilege to attend an assortment of classes.  Their Religious Studies concentration was concrete, both vast and specific, focusing on all the current topics in religion which prepared me to be a well-rounded Seminary student. I owe many thanks to the Philosophy Department at Kutztown University."

  • Lisa Ferrell works for the State of Pennsylvania on labor claims.

  • Adam Gazdalski is an elementary education major at Kutztown University.

  • Stephen Hoffert enrolled in a University of Cincinnati PhD program, with funding, and is now an executive with Titanium Metals in Reading.

  • James Lynn owns a computer consulting company.

  • Michael Miller works in veterans' administration.

  • Lori Moyer is in business in Hamburg.

  • Jason Mugridge is a partner in Ernst and Yong accounting.

  • Gregory Ogden works in child care in Allentown.

  • Joshua Palubinsky works for Met Ed Accts. in Reading.

  • James Pearson works in organic farming.

    • "The Kutztown Philosophy department has been of great value to my life. It has provided me with the ability to think critically about problems and learn new skills quickly. Not only has it helped me with problem solving skills, it has allowed me to better understand what exactly the problem is and then think of new ways to solve it."

  • Matthew Reffie studied at a Lutheran seminary and is in campus ministry at Kutztown University.

  • Lamont Rodgers received an MA in philosophy at University of Houston and is in a PhD program at Tulane.

  • Travis Rodgers received two MAs - one in philosophy and one in classics - from Texas Tech.  After completing his PhD at Florida State University, he is now an Instructor of Philosophy and Humanities at the University of Central Florida.

    • ""My experiences in Kutztown's philosophy department allowed me to be competitive in the field with students who had attended schools with more prestigious names. This was due in large part to the fact that I was able to receive hands-on, personalized attention that would have been unavailable in larger departments. Along with being greatly attentive, faculty were also skilled at pedagogy and at preparing students for success by encouraging a thoroughgoing work ethic."

  • Jonathan Sandman is in the US army.

  • Curtis Sharpe received an MA in philosophy at Texas Tech and is now in a PhD program in Philosophy at the University of Rochester.

  • John Shryock is a Capuchin friar and lives and works in Harlem.

  • Carl Slepetz toured Europe in a heavy metal band and is now a criminal psychologist working for the Pennsylvania penal system.

  • Cristina Rawls received an M.A. in philosophy at West Chester University and is in a Ph.D. program at Duquesne University.

  • Joseph Smith received an MA in religious studies and entered a Ph.D. philosophy at the University of Illinois Urbana with full funding.

  • Matthew Szundy runs a mountaineering expedition business.

  • Paul Wigerman is in Pennsylvania's Civil Service.

  • Sarah Leeper is a Social Security Administrator in Wisconsin.

  • Sarah Graham is a curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

  • Sara Earley began a Ph.D. program in biology/xenobiolgoy at the University of Colorado, with full funding; transferred to University of Rochester/Syracuse.

  • Colleen Fitzgerald entered an MA program in English at Lehigh University, with full funding.

  • Amanda Winkler is an executive at AT&T.

  • R.J. Magill is a writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in American Prospect, American Interest, Atlantic Monthly, The Believer, Foreign Policy, International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Print, among other periodicals and books.