Departmental Office: Old Main Room 315A
Departmental Office Phone: (610) 683-4230 or (610) 683-4449
Departmental Chairperson: Dr. M. Ashraf Adeel
Departmental Secretary: Heather Pafchek

Members of the Department are happy to assist you with any questions, concerns, or comments, or just talk philosophy. You'll find more details about office hours, and individual areas of research interest on their faculty pages.





Deanna Smith OM A303 610-683-4234 dsmith@kutztown.edu
Dr. M. Ashraf Adeel OM A305 484-646-4234 adeel@kutztown.edu
Dr. Roman Altshuler OM A311 610-683-4556 altshuler@kutztown.edu
Dr. Allan Bäck OM A307 610-683-4231 back@kutztown.edu
Dr. Joseph Jedwab OM A301 610-683-4767 jedwab@kutztown.edu
Dr. John Lizza  OM A313 610-683-4233 lizza@kutztown.edu