Philosophy & Law School


  1. Law schools in the country, one and all, emphasize, among other things, strong training in logic and reasoning as well as humanistic thought as criteria for admittance. These are areas that are either part and parcel of Philosophy or of particular interest to Philosophy. Our program in Philosophy at Kutztown University provides a rigorous training in logic and reasoning as well as major theories and ideas from ancient to modern thinkers. The exposure to humanistic ideas that our Program gives to the students is comprehensive, historical, and critical. Therefore we feel that philosophy is a particularly ideal major or double major for those contemplating to go to a Law School. 

  2. The main criteria for admission to law school is the Law School Admissions Test, LSAT.  Philosophy majors perform exceptionally well on this test, as well as on the Graduate Management Admission Test and the Graduate Record Examination. In fact, philosophy majors are number one.  Data from Educational Testing Service, covering three-year periods ending in 2006, 2009, and 2014, showed that philosophy majors had the highest combined scores on the GRE.  If one compares the averages of the three rankings in the fifty fields, philosophy majors come out on top.  Thus, a degree in Philosophy should be helpful in gaining admission to graduate schools and pursuing various professional careers.

    • In addition, we particularly recommend the following of our courses for any student interested in getting into a Law School:

      1.      Phi 015 Critical Thinking
      2.      Phi 020 Introduction to Logic
      3.      Phi 030 Introduction to Philosophy
      4.      Phi 040 Introduction to Ethics
      5.      Phi 140 Symbolic Logic
      6.      Phi 110 Comparative Study of Religion
      7.      Phi 116 Ancient Philosophy
      8.      Phi 240 Philosophy of Social Sciences
      9.      Phi 245 Love and Sexual Morality
      10.    Phi 265 Social and Political Philosophy
      11.    Phi 280 American Philosophy
      12.    Phi 375 Philosophy of Language

  3. Here are some major links that are useful for students who are interested in preparing for admission into a Law School

    1. LSAC - Law School Admission Council
      Information and registration for the LSAT, the LSDAS electronic application, info about financial aid, etc.

    2. NAPLA Pre-law Resources
      Scroll down to Internet Resources - there you find the NAPLA Pre-Law Guide for students, and other links.

    3. Two resources that will help students determine their competitiveness for various Law schools: (These are also in the links from NAPLA)

    4. PublicLegal, a product of the Internet Legal Research Group (ILRG).
      A categorized index of more than 4000 select web sites in 238 nations, islands, and territories, as well as thousands of locally stored web pages, legal forms, and downloadable files, this site was established in 1995 to serve as a comprehensive resource of the information available on the Internet concerning law and the legal profession, with an emphasis on the United States of America. Designed for everyone, lay persons and legal scholars alike, it is quality controlled to include only the most substantive legal resources online.

    5. The Association for Legal Career Professionals
      a non-profit educational association established in 1971 to meet the needs of all participants in the legal employment process (career planning, recruitment and hiring, and professional development of law students and lawyers) for information, coordination and standards. NALP's membership includes virtually every ABA-approved law school in the US, Canadian law schools and hundreds of legal employers from both the public and private sectors. NALP is dedicated to facilitating legal career counseling and planning, recruitment and retention, and the professional development of law students and lawyers.