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Astronomy Programs

B.S. Physics / Astronomy Track:

Please see the Physics program website for more details on this program.  Students applying to the B.S. Physics program should arrive at Kutztown University ready to enroll in Calculus I.

Astronomy Minor:

The Minor in Astronomy requires 20 s.h. of Astronomy courses and can be completed in conjunction with any other major degree program at Kutztown University.

Astronomy Minor Checksheet

The population of KU students that might enroll in the astronomy minor is wide ranging and consists of science majors and non-science majors alike. The following list highlights some good examples of KU students who would benefit from an Astronomy Minor, but it is certainly not exhaustive:

  • Secondary Education Earth & Space Science majors who would like to be most competitive for jobs as high school astronomy teachers and/or planetarium directors
  • Geology majors who are interested in planetary geology
  • Biology & Chemistry majors interested in astrobiology & astrochemistry
  • Photography majors with strong interest in astrophotography
  • Art majors with strong interest in science visualizations and artist conceptions of astronomical discoveries
  • Professional Writing majors who wish to pursue careers in science writing or journalism
  • Geography majors interested in meteorology
  • Music & Electronic Media majors interested in scientific (including planetarium) productions
  • Mathematics & Computer Science majors interested in data mining, massive data analysis, and physical modeling

Any KU student with strong algebra and critical thinking skills can successfully complete the curriculum required for the minor in Astronomy. Although calculus is not required for this program, students with even stronger mathematics skills are encouraged to take the calculus based courses that satisfy the requirement of the Astronomy minor.