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Astronomy Faculty

Most of the Astronomy courses are taught by Dr. Erin Kraal (planetary science) and Dr. Phill Reed (astrophysics).  For a complete list of faculty & staff, please visit the Physics & Astronomy faculty list.

Erin Kraal 
Associate Professor

Office: 306A Grim Science Building
Telephone: 484-646-5859

AST  30  - Mission to the Planets
AST 140 - Planetary Science
AST 205 - Planetary Surface Processes
AST 370 - Research in Astronomy
photograph of Erin Kraal

Phillip Reed
Associate Professor

Office: 306C Grim Science Building
Telephone: 610-683-4438

AST  20  - Introductory Astronomy
AST 142 - Stellar & Galactic Astronomy
AST 240 - The Planetarium
AST 342 - Astrophysics
AST 350 - Practical Astronomy
AST 370 - Research in Astronomy
Photograph of Phill Reed