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Undergraduate Research at KU

Kutztown University's chemistry and biochemistry faculty provide opportunities for students to enhance their education by participating in undergraduate research. Participation in research may be used to satisfy electives in KU's chemistry and biochemistry programs. Research Students

Benefits of participating in undergraduate research in chemistry include:

  • becoming more independent in the laboratory by formulating and testing hypotheses and interpreting results.
  • developing problem-solving skills.
  • learning by doing.
  • one-on-one instruction.
  • communication of research results through presentations or publications.

The links below offer a sample of a few KU undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry research projects.

Dr. Darren Achey (Inorganic)

  • Solar Fuel Catalysis
  • Charge Separation by pH Gradients
  • Electronic Effects of Functionalized Nanomaterials

Dr. Tom Betts (Analytical)

  • A Sugar Sensor based on Gold Nanoparticles
  • HPLC Analysis of Hops
  • Monitoring epoxy curing on surfaces using a homemade fluorometer


Dr. Dan Blanchard (Organic)

  • Synthesis of an Insect Pheromone: trans-conophthorin
  • Low Molecular Mass Gelators

Dr. Matt Junker (Biochemistry)

  • Apoptosis - Programmed Cell Death
  • Protein Dimerization

Dr. Lauren Levine (Bioinorganic)

  • Multivalent inorganic complexes with biological systems

Dr. Rolf Mayrhofer (Physical)

  • Potential Energy of Ar interacting with Ethylene
  • Potential Energy of Ar interacting with HCN
  • Vibrational Eigenfunctions of HO2

Dr. Julie Palkendo (Environmental Chemistry)

  • Air Quality - Lead in Particulate Matter
  • Chemical Analysis of Indoor Particulate Matter
  • Heavy Metals in Soil