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Research with Dr. Lauren Levine

pyridine monomerbackboneUndergraduate researchers are helping to gain a better understanding of the interactions of multivalent inorganic (multiple acetyl monomermetal centers) complexes with biological systems.  Current work is focused on the effects of the protecting groups (FMOC) on DNA interaction specifically comparing platinum terpyridine monomerthe backbone, monomers and metal-functionalized monomers interactions with DNA using fluorescence and gel electrophoresis. 

Future work will look at the effects of modifying the spacing between metal centers using dipeptides to improve both the binding affinity and the selectivity while minimizing the platinum used. The overall goal of this work is to optimize the spacing between intercalation complexes so that these scaffolds can be utilized with covalent binding complexes. 

platinum terpyridine dipeptide

acetyl platinum terpyridine dipeptide