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Course Offerings

Introduction to Environmental Science; forest; students in forest; professor teaching in forest; environment; green trees; kutztown environmental science

ENV 100 Introduction to Environmental Science 

A multi-disciplinary introduction to environmental problems and their potential solutions. Lecture and laboratory work are supplemented by field trips.

Environmental Geology; Geological habitat; Kutztown University Environmental Geology; Coal; Environmental Science Students; Geological Materials; Earth

ENV 210 Environmental Geology

A study of the relationship between man and his geological habitat. Problems that society faces in using the earth are examined, including case histories of natural disasters and human interactions with earth materials. Geo-chemical cycles, geological materials, and land use will be examined as they relate to environmental quality.

Environmental Analysis; Kutztown Environmental Analysis; gala apple; environment; analysis; experiment; environmental lab

ENV 220 Environmental Analysis

Qualitative and quantitative methods of analytical chemistry are explored by utilizing a "hands-on" approach applied to a variety of environmental samples. The course focuses on the basic components of each analytical technique or instrument, their range of environmental applications, their advantages and limitations, and the physical and chemical phenomena which form the basis of the analytical method. Basic sampling plans and designs are also discussed due to their complementary nature.

Environmental Science class taught by the hillside; Kutztown University; Environmental Science; Chemistry; Geology; Biology

GEG274 Introduction to GIS

Geographic information systems (GIS) are a major tool for the analysis of spatial data. This course introduces the student to the theoretical, conceptual and practical aspects of the collection, storage, analysis and display of spatial data. The applications of GIS by geographers, educators, scientists, planners, and businessmen to real-world problems will be emphasized.

Environmental Science Class; plant physiology; student on laptop; flowers; plant research

ENV222 Environmental Biology

An introduction to the causes and symptoms of environmental deterioration. The effect of ecological perturbations on ecosystems especially the biota. Field experiences are an integral part of the course.

ENV 370 Research in Environmental Science

This course involves laboratory work and/or a field study and/or library research on a selected topic in environmental science. The work will be supervised by one or more faculty members associated with the Environmental Science Program. The research topic will be acceptable to both the supervising faculty and the student. A written proposal outlining the research project must be submitted to the supervising faculty member's Department Chairperson.

ENV 380 Senior Seminar in Environmental Science

An interdisciplinary seminar devoted to the analysis of selected environmental problems.