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Recent Student Research Projects

Meghan Coyle, Greenhouse gas emissions inventory and analysis for Kutztown University (Dr. Mapes)

Shannon Erdman-Gansner, Apatite and its effects on plant growth (Dr. Mapes)

Brandon Ruhe, The nature of selection of seed size in two oak species (Quercus); seedling growth and seed predators (Dr. Sacchi)

Jesse Anderson, Tropical entomology & taxonomy/software education in digital imaging (Dr. Setliff)

Emily Bellush, The Study of Oak Insect Galls: Rearing and Identification (Dr. Mapes)

Jason Buckley, Hypoxia in the Western Basin of Lake Erie (Dr. Winslow)

Lyndsey Weaknecht, Virginia Climate Change Modeling and Climate Change Vulnerability (Dr. Sewall)

Elizabeth Heness, Virginia Climate Change Modeling and Climate Change Vulnerability Taphonomy of barnacle and fish shoreline accumulations of the Salton Sea, California, USA (Dr. Simpson)

Kenneth Schlosser, Landslide Initiation and Progression: Site Investigation, Field Monitoring, Laboratory Testing, Theoretical Framework, and Computational Analysis (Dr. Friehauf)

Christine Dolman and Armell McFarland Assessing the Sources of Indoor Air Particulate Matter (Dr. Palkendo)

Cassandra Flemming, Comparing field collection methods and identification level for macroinvertebrates to determine the effectiveness of stream quality assessments (Dr. Roy)

Mark Giambrone, Identification and classification of insect galls (Dr. Mapes)

Richard Jayne, Water quality comparison in relation to land cover types (Dr. Roy)

Terrence Longmore Effect of environmental factors on bacteria (Dr. Aruscavage)