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Marine Science

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

--Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Marine scientists are trained in biology, chemistry, geology, and physics, so while they can choose to specialize in any aspect of marine science, they are still prepared to comprehend the whole. Preparation starts with a solid foundation in scientific principles to build an understanding of complex interactions between the physical and biological ocean environments. Graduates from this program are prepared to continue on in either graduate work or employment in many marine areas. The Marine Science degree at Kutztown University offers a choice of two specializations called "tracks": 

1.Oceanography Track for people who wish to primarily explore questions about the chemistry, physics, and geology of the oceans, and

2. Biology Track for people who want to look at how marine life interacts with its environment.

We also offer a minor in Marine Sciences for people who want to supplement other majors.

Students KayakingStudents seining in waterStudents on R/V ParkerOceanography Class on Wallops Island Beach