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One Major, Three Tracks

The B.S. in Physics offers three separate tracks to meet the diverse career goals of students majoring in physics. All the tracks share bulk of the courses in common, but each track requires additional specific courses that allow students to focus and specialize in topics relevant to their career plans. The courses required for each track can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the links below for each individual track. For each track, the link contains a two page document, where the first page contains the physics degree courses and the second page contains the general education courses required.

Physics track is intended for students who intend to pursue a career researching and teaching physics or related fields, as well as for students who want to get a general physics undergraduate degree with plans to branch out into careers that require technical and analytical skills.

Physics Track Checksheet

Engineering Physics track is intended for students who plan to become engineers; the specific courses in this track will prepare the students to pursue graduate work in engineering.

Engineering Physics Track Checksheet

Astronomy track is intended for students interested in careers in astronomy, astrophysics and related fields.

Astronomy Track Checksheet 

Minor in physics can be done in conjunction with any other major degree program by taking 20 s.h. of physics courses.

Physics Minor Checksheet