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Alumni Statements

KU graduates are prepared for graduate school and the world of work. Psychology is a liberal arts degree that provides a tremendous amount of diversity in opportunities and future directions, as you'll see as you read on.



"I graduated from Kutztown University in 2010 with a degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. After graduation I worked for a year and a half in a long-term, acute psychiatric care facility before entering graduate school.  Currently I am a second-year graduate student at West Chester University pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Psychology; I am also working as a Graduate Assistant for Alcohol and Other Drug Programs at West Chester University where I facilitate individual and group interventions with students about alcohol abuse, as well as research and develop alcohol-free programs for students."



Matt Smith '10


"During my time as a psychology major, I spent two years on Dr. Akillas' research time serving a couple of different roles. This was a great way to be introduced to research since the field of Psychology is so heavily research-based! In addition to being a part of the research team, I was able to complete a 15 week internship during my last semester at KU with the Clubhouse of Lehigh Valley. Through this I was able to gain hands-on experience working with adults with mental illness and it was truly a rewarding experience. One of my favorite parts of the Psychology program at Kutztown was the excellent faculty. There is such a wide variety of experience that students are exposed to which I feel is essential to a great education. Outside of my major, my advisor, Dr. Shelley, helped me get involved with the Percussion Ensemble. This was another incredible experience as I got to travel to Athens, Greece and Bjelovar, Croatia for performances.

With so many different paths to take with a Psychology degree, I took some time to explore those many options after graduation in May 2011. My first year out of school I took a job as a Therapeutic Support Staff for TW Ponessa and Associates, Inc. This job entailed working one-on-one with children who experienced behavioral and emotional problems by implementing a treatment plan and transferring skills to the client and their caretakers. I was placed in a Kindergarten classroom for an entire school year, which is when I learned that I loved being in the school and began exploring the field of School Psychology. After much research on all of my options, I began the School Psychology program at Millersville University in Fall 2012. I will complete my Masters degree in July 2014, and obtain my certification in May 2015. I am very thankful for the opportunities and education I received from Kutztown University, and still receive support from some of my favorite professors!"


Mary Rose '11


"I graduated from Kutztown University in 2009 with my bachelor's degree in psychology.  The faculty and staff ensured that I was prepared for further graduate work as well as professional opportunities.  Since graduating, I have received my master's degree in secondary school counseling and I am currently matriculated in West Virginia University's counseling psychology Ph.D. program with future aspirations of becoming a licensed psychologist.  The undergraduate education I received within the psychology department at Kutztown University served as a solid academic foundation from which I am building my clinical and research career.  The rigorous coursework, diverse research opportunities, and excellent faculty provided me with a quality education and gave me the skills needed to successfully navigate my way through graduate programs and professional positions."


- Steven Craig '09


Sara Steele completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at Kutztown University in 2011.  While at Kutztown, she was a research assistant, president of Psi Chi and participated in several other campus organizations. She is currently a graduate student in the Experimental Psychology Doctoral program at The University of Alabama. Her research interests include visual memory, sex differences in spatial cognition and brain lateralization. Her master's thesis focused on how brain lateralization among males and females could serve as an explanation for why sex differences exist in certain spatial tasks. Sara enjoys volunteering for the humane society and painting in her free time.  She hopes to graduate and work at a university that focuses on teaching and research.


- Sara Steele '11


"After receiving my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology-Clinical/Counseling from Kutztown University in 2005, I became a Case Manager for the Giving  of Self Partnership program (GOSP) - Positive Spirit program. My most notable accomplishments while at GOSP were writing several award winning grants, presenting at the National Youth-at-Risk Conference in Savannah, Ga., and improving lives of a number of at-risk youth. I am currently matriculating in Temple University's Master of Social Work program.  

The theories and concepts learned, as well as the relationships developed with the professors at KU, especially Dr. Meehan, proved integral to my roles as Case Manager and Graduate Student." 

- Morgan Pippens '05     

  "I feel that the instruction I received as an undergraduate and graduate Psychology Major at Kutztown University was priceless. The small class sizes, caring and knowledgeable faculty, research opportunities, personal attention and overall atmosphere were wonderful. I know that the education provided by the undergraduate and graduate faculty has prepared me well for the school psychology doctoral program at Duquesne University. Thank you for everything!"

- Steven P. Kachmar, M.A. '03 (B.S. '00)  (Now a Ph. D. school psychologist as of 2008)

 Not long after graduating in '01, Michele Lee-Blakeney, Psychology major and Biology minor, successfully competed for and won the job she always wanted...animal trainer at Sea World. Michele says that her psychology degree was fundamental to understanding the behavior modification and operant conditioning principle used in training. She can't believe she gets paid for what she does!  



 "After graduating in May 2002, I accepted a position with Tri-County Human Services as an Intensive Case Manager. After six months, I became a member of the Adult Partial Hospitalization team and my responsibilities included developing and facilitating weekly treatment groups. I have been accepted into the Psy.D. program at La Salle University and I will start my graduate studies in the Fall of 2003. Ultimately, I hope to open a private practice, as well as share my knowledge at the college level."
- Rebecca Helms '02

 "I am thankful for the mentoring I received at Kutztown. The faculty were always available to talk. In grad school I met students who went to more famous schools. They were astounded to learn that I had shared meals with several of my Kutztown professors. Now, as a college professor, I strive to follow the models of my mentors at Kutztown." Joe Horton finished his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at Penn State and is now a professor at Grove City College, Pa.  

- Joseph J. Horton, Ph.D. '93


 "Since graduation I have been working full time at an outpatient counseling agency in Scranton. I have been accepted to the master's program in political science at Villanova for Fall '03 and have been given a full scholarship. After my time at Villanova I will be a stronger candidate for Ph.D. programs in political psychology. I enjoyed studying psychology and found the curriculum challenging, interesting, and informative. The faculty were always helpful and were all excellent professors. I think this is a testament to the state system of education: this is proof that a student can attend a state school and continue on to attend a fine private institution."

- Raymond Wasko Dec. '02 and senior class commencement speaker

 Angela Ruhl '97 earned her B.S. in Psychology at Kutztown and her M.A. degree in Industrial- Organizational Psychology from West Chester University. After her master's, Angie was employed by Andersen Business Consulting until her group was acquired by Bearing Point in 2002. She does I/O consulting work, primarily in employee training and is currently on assignment at the Veteran's Administration in D.C. She loves her job, except for all the traveling, and is making more money than she ever would have if she had stayed with her original interest in clinical-counseling psychology.


 Ryan Shoemaker '98 majored in Psychology and had a minor in Criminal Justice. For three years, he was employed as a correctional officer at Pennsylvania's Graterford Prison, one of the toughest maximum security prisons in the U.S. In November 2002, Ryan was commissioned as a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. He works closely with nuclear weapons, and is a flight commander in charge of a security detail for missiles in Montana. 


 "I am at CVS pharmacy and am a district pharmaceutical training assistant. This involves traveling around to our stores and dealing with any problems, whether
inter-store or inter-personal, so I incorporate my psychology degree on a daily basis. My ultimate career goal is focused on attending a master's program in Physician's Assistant. In all honesty not a day passes that hasn't reinforced my decision to do my undergraduate studies at KU. The student/faculty ratio allowed for smaller class sizes and more individualized attention. The psychology department faculty genuinely care about the students and strive to motivate learning. Since graduation I've talked to several colleagues who attended larger universities (with a much larger price as well) and they have done nothing more in course work in spite of paying more money."
- Nikki Boice '02 Psychology Major & Biology Minor  (As of 2008 in an MSW program)

 "I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology in December 1996. I worked as a Cognitive Remediation Therapist in various rehabilitation settings with brain-injured, stroke, and developmental populations. In the spring of 2000 I worked as a production assistant for the Fox Family television game show, Paranoia, to screen potential contestants. I started the Applied Biopsychology Ph.D. program at the University of New Orleans in June 2000. I do neuropsychological testing and research on emotional processing and face training of a developmental prosopagnosic."
- Matthew Heinly '96  (Now Ph.D. and a professor at Central Connecticut State University)

 "My experience at Kutztown provided me with a strong foundation in many areas of psychology. The unique opportunity to work directly with the
faculty on many projects and research prepared me for master's level study. Outside of the classroom the Psychology Club connected me with other
students. I graduated from KU and went directly to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA for 2 years for my M.Ed. in School Counseling. I am certified in both middle and high school. After graduation I moved to Prince William County, VA where I have been a middle school counselor for the past 4 years. I see kids individually, run small groups, and teach kids social skills. I am also the coordinator of the peer mediation program and run a club for at-risk girls after school, and am a softball coach. This spring I was accepted to Virginia Tech's Ph.D. in the Counselor Education program. My goal is to teach on the college level. "
- Jennifer Phillips '98

 "In Summer 2003 I received my M.S. in Exceptionalities from Bloomsburg University, basically a degree in Special Education. I have been going full-time since I graduated from Kutztown. I have decided to continue with more education. I have applied to Marywood University for their certificate program in School Psychology. I also plan on getting my certification from Penn State University for Applied Behavior Analysis."

- Kristy Snyder '02

 "My undergraduate experience at Kutztown has provided me with various opportunities for future career development. Involvement with Psi Chi and the Psych Club  provided me with practical experience through guest speakers, volunteer work, and conferences. My opportunities at KU helped me to further narrow my career focus to the field of Human Resource Management. I start my master's degree at Rutgers University in September 2003."

- Jill La Rocca '02

 "I owe so much of where I am today to Kutztown and the wonderful professors who got me involved in research and advanced study! I moved on to Indiana University of Pennsylvania and finished my M.Ed. in Educational Psychology in August 1999 and my Ed.S. in School Psychology in May, 2001. I took a job with the Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12 in Franklin County, PA as a school psychologist. I perform a traditional school psychology function but also conduct social skills counseling groups and individual counseling sessions with hearing impaired and neurologically impaired students. I began my doctoral classes at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and will graduate with an Ed.D. in School Psychology with a specialization in Neuropsychology. I am absolutely thrilled!"
- Shannon Achey '98