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BSW Course Requirements

The following courses are requirements of the Social Work Undergraduate Program:

      • SWK 100 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
      • SWK 130 Poverty and Social Welfare
      • SWK 160 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
        (This course has extensive pre- and co-requisites. Students should discuss their individual situations with the program director or their academic advisor)
      • SWK 200 The Professional Context of Social Work Practice
        (Students will be required to participate in a 20-hour volunteer field/laboratory experience. Students are asked to keep a block of class time open on Tuesday-Thursday [morning or afternoon] so that they may participate in this field experience. Prerequisites: SWK 160, Human Behavior And Social Environment, and its Prerequisites. Open only to social work majors and minors. A grade of "C" or better is required in this course to enter SWK250)
      • SWK 250 Social Work Practice with Individuals: Practice I
      • SWK 255 Social Welfare Policy
      • SWK 265 Social Work Practice With Groups and Families: Practice II
      • SWK 280 Social Work Practice With Communities and Organizations: Practice III
      • SWK 360 Methods and Practice of Social Work Research
        (Prerequisites: PSY/SOC/POL 200 or MAT140 only -- both have prerequisites)
      • SWK 379 Independent Study
      • SWK 381 Field Instruction In Social Work I
      • SWK 382 Professional Seminar In Social Work I
      • SWK 383 Field Instruction In Social Work II
      • SWK 384 Professional Seminar In Social Work II

In addition to the above, social work majors select three of the following elective courses:

      • SWK 285 Essential Skills for Helping People
      • SWK 286 Social Work and Substance Abuse
      • SWK/SOC 290 Social Gerontology and Social Welfare
      • SWK 315 Social Services Administration
      • SWK 320 Case Management-An Interdisciplinary Approach
      • SWK 328 Child Welfare and Social Work Practice
      • SWK 370 Selected Topics in Social Work and Social Welfare (elective)