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Kutztown University Department of Social Work 16th Annual Community Forum


Forum Owl

16th Annual

Community Forum


Save the Date:

Friday, March 29, 2019

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Schaeffer Auditorium

Three-part series:

2017/Part I - Incarceration

2018/Part II - Addictions

 2019/Part III - Veterans' Challenges

Admission is free. 

Registration will open in January 2019

For more information please contact


2018 Community Forum Information

Continuing Education Credit Certificates 

A maximum of 6 continuing education credits are available for Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors.   (3 credits for morning only, 3 for afternoon only, or 6 for full day; full day attendees will receive 3 of the 6 credits as ethics credits).  Continuing education credit certificates have been forwarded via email.

Forum 2018 Purpose

The Kutztown University Community Forum, organized by the Department of Social Work, is a gathering of social work professionals, university community members, and community leaders.  The purpose is to raise consciousness about-and craft solutions to-community needs, particularly as they pertain to families.  Forum 2018 raises awareness of issues surrounding Substance Use Disorders and Addictions and impact on families in the social environment in an effort to promote best practices and a systemic, ethical response to regional and global needs.  Experts identify best practices and social work professionals serve as catalysts to build and strengthen alliances across the practice continuum.  

Panelist Questions for: Family in Environment: Part II: Addictions

1. What is your organization doing to promote awareness of and collaborations with other organizations and systems in order to promote a systemic, ethical response to issues related to Substance Use Disorders and Addictions and implications for families?

2.  What policies help or hinder your ability to respond effectively to obstacles?

3.  What strategies do you propose to address the issue?   

Forum Action Plan

The Kutztown University Community Forum seeks to raise consciousness and promote critical and ethical analysis of social and political conditions across the practice continuum.  Please strive to craft at least one solution. Sketch out an action plan-with at least one activity identified to occur within the next month. We will ask for your feedback on the evaluation instrument, and will distribute an online follow-up survey to assess progress on the action plans later in the spring.

Senator Judy Schwank Conversation on

Social Workers for the 15th Annual Community Forum

Speakers for the 15th Annual Community Forum

Dr. Jean Bennett

Dr. Jean Bennett

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Dr. Joseph Garbely, D.O., FASM

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Geoff Kolchin

Geoff Kolchin 

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William Stauffer

William Stauffer, LSW, CCS, CADC

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Presentation handout.

Douglas Tieman

Douglas Tieman

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Elizabeth Eckley Winder

Elizabeth Eckley Winder, Ph.D.

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Video from the 14th Annual Community Forum