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MSW Schedules

The MSW program with Traditional Status can be completed in two, three or four years.  A requirement of 64 credits is needed to finish the MSW program.  Optional summer offerings allow students to spread coursework across the calendar year.  Bachelor's degrees from various fields of student may quality students for entrance into the MSW program with Traditional Status.

The curriculum for the Two-year Traditional Sequence may be found here.

The three and four-year curricula offer a more flexible schedule to meet the needs of professional or non-traditional students, or those who may be unable to complete the program in two years.  The curriculum for the Three-year and Four-year Traditional Sequence may be found here.

Advanced standing status students complete the MSW in 44 credits.  The curriculum may be completed in one calender year on a full time basis or extended to two or more years.  The summer bridge curriculum always begins in the summer before the advanced level with practicum and seminar experience.  The Summer Bridge for Advanced Standing curriculum may be found here.

Advanced Standing Status may be granted only to students who possess the Bachelor of Social Work degree from a CSWE accredited program.  Advanced Standing status students complete the summer bridge curriculum and then enter the MSW advanced level.  The purpose of the bridge curriculum is to arm the students with the necessary abilities that distinguish the graduate from the undergraduate student.  This entails developing enhanced analytical and critical thinking skills. In addition, KU advanced standing students work to develop the ability to articulate the integration of theory and practice to various constituents.  The KU MSW Family-In-Environment perspective necessitates such preparation due to its focus on developing autonomous practitioners who can express the principles of Family-In-Environment in their chosen fields of practice.