Ahyoung Lee, Ph.D.

Dr. Ahyoung Lee

Assistant Professor
Old Main 342 
Kutztown, PA 19530 
Phone: 484-646-4119
Fax: 610-683-4383

Biographical Statement:

Dr. Lee earned a Ph.D. in social work from the University of Texas at Austin; a Master of Art in Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago; and a BA in social welfare from Ewha Women's University, South Korea. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work and teaches in the BSW and MSW programs. Dr. Lee has past work experience in the program management of various social services programs addressing such issues as immigration, aging, depression and health promotion. She was also involved in grant writing, program development, and evaluation. Her major focus of research is on building a strong workforce in diverse social service settings by identifying organizational factors that will motivate social service workers.

Teaching Interests:
  • Research Methods
  • Program Evaluation
  • Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations
  • Human Behavior and Social Environment
Research Interests:
  • Social work management and leadership
  • Workforce development in health care
  • Occupational stress and well-being
  • Long-term care services
  • Publications

    Lee, A., Lee, S., Armour, M. (2016). Drivers of change: the lived experiences of nursing home social workers. Social Work in Health Care, 55(3), 247-264.  

    Lee, A., & Jang, Y. (2016). What makes home health workers think about leaving their job?: The role of physical injury and organizational support. Home Health Care Services Quarterly,35(1), 1-10.  

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    Travis, D. J., Lee, A., Faulkner, M., Gerstenblatt, P., & Boston, J. (2014). Cultivating a thriving childcare workforce: a theory-driven qualitative analysis. Community, Work & Family, 17(3), 325-345.  

    Faulkner, M., Gerstenblatt, P., Lee, A., Vallejo, V. & Travis, D. (2014). Childcare providers: Work stress and personal well-being. Journal of Early Childhood Research. DOI: 10.1177/1476718X14552871  

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    Choi, N. G., Lee, A., & Goldstein, M. H. (2011). Meals on Wheels: Exploring potential for and barriers to integrating depression intervention for homebound older adults. Home Health Care Services Quarterly, 30(4), 214-230.

  • Professional Conference Presentations

    Lee, A. (2018, January). Factors associated with ethnic minority volunteering: The role of personal and social resources and acculturation. The 22nd Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research, Washington, DC. 

    Lee, A. (2018, January). Health behaviors among Asian Americans: Moderating effects of acculturation. The 22nd Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research, Washington, DC. 

    Lee, A. (2017, November). Factors associated with volunteering among midlife and older adults: Finding from 2016 California health interview survey. Annual Conference of Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, Grand Rapids, MI. 

    Lee, A., Jang, Y. (January, 2016). The Impact of Work/Family Conflict (WFC) and Workplace Social Support on Mental Distress in Home Health Workers. Poster presentation at the Society for Social Work Research Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.   

    Lee, A., & Lee, S. (November, 2015). Drivers of Change: Learning from the Lived Experiences of Nursing Home Social Workers. Poster presentation at the 2015 NASW/Texas 39th Annual State Conference, Galveston, TX.   

    Lee, A., Jang, Y. (October, 2015). Predictors of Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention among Home Care Workers. Poster presentation at the 2015 Annual Program Meeting Council on Social Work Education, Denver, CO.  

    Jang, Y., Lee, A., & Zadrozny, M. (May, 2015). Physical Injury and Perceived Discrimination in Home Health Workers. Paper Presentation at the Annual Conference of the Korea Gerontological Society, Seoul, South Korea.  

    Jang, Y., Lee, A., & Zadrozny, M. (April, 2015). Determinants of Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intent in Home Health Workers. Paper Presentation at the 6th Annual Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Systems Symposium, UT McCombs School of Business, Austin, TX.  

    Lee, A., & Jang, Y. (April, 2015). What Makes Home Health Workers Think About Leaving Their Job?: The Role of Physical Injury and Organizational Support. Poster Presentation at the St. David's Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Annual Conference, Austin, TX.  

    Lee, A., Travis, D., Faulkner, M., & Gerstenblatt, P. (January, 2015).  Roles of Job Perceptions in Human Service Workers' Work Engagement: Application of Job Demands and Resources Model. Poster presented at the meeting of the Society for Social Work Research Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.   

    Lee, A. (October, 2013). Learning from the Lived Experiences of Nursing Home social workers. Poster presented at the 48th Annual Meeting & Conference of the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care, Philadelphia, PA.  

    Faulkner, M., Gerstenblatt, P., Lee, A., & Travis, D. (January, 2013). Beyond Caregiving: Stress and Emotional Well-Being of Child Care Providers. Paper presented at the meeting of the Society for Social Work Research Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.