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Pre-Law at Kutztown University is not a major or minor program, rather KU offers several major programs and access to Pre-Law Advisors that can help prepare a student for law school or a career in law.

The study of law, like most post-graduate professional programs, is exciting and filled not only with opportunities and rewards, but with many challenges. Students who are interested in a career in the law need not look to one particular undergraduate major. Students should look for a major where they will find personal fulfillment and ensure the development of those skills that are necessary for the practice of law. It is those same skills that the law school admissions officers will expect to see reflected in the application for law school. Any program of study should enhance written and oral communication skills as well as critical thinking. Without considering any particular major, you should ensure that your program of study includes: perceptive reading, critical reasoning, analytical thinking, and the development of a strong command of the English language.

Pre-Law Advisors
Before your first day at Kutztown University, you are assigned an advisor, regardless of whether you have declared a major or not. If at any point you consider a career in the law, it is also important to talk to a pre-law advisor who can provide specific advice on attending law school and pursuing a legal career. Not all lawyers practice law, but all practitioners have attended law school and passed the bar. Every pre-law advisor will provide you with the time and information to help you decide if attending law school is the next step.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Committee of Pre-Law Advisors is a group of professors from many departments at the university. Each of these professors will make time to meet and counsel you on the study of law.

Resources and Events
Review online resources, finding a law school, as well as upcoming events for students interested in this field.

Preparing for Law School
The two criteria that are likely to determine where you go to law school are your grade point average and your LSAT score. Several other factors that will help with the admission process are the following:

  • When and where you apply,
  • Why you want to go to law school,
  • Extra curricular activities,
  • Personal Statement that is included with your application, and
  • Letters of Recommendation.

None of this should be left to chance!

KU's pre-law studies program is for students who may attend law school or pursue a legal career.

Kutztown also has other activities for students interested in law school or the paralegal profession. See: Prelaw / Paralegal Association of Kutztown University and the new Mock Trial group.